The dairy side of the business is the lifeblood of the farm … it is why we get up in the mornings! We keep a herd of about 150 milking cows, mostly Holstein-Friesians, for their superb milk yield. A single cow can produce up to 8,000 litres a year in good conditions, normally being milked twice a day.

The herd is grazed on the local pasture and during the winter kept in open barns and fed on grass silage and hay that we produce ourselves during the summer and autumn. We expect to silage grass during the spring when it is at its best, leaving the fields to recover over the summer, grazing them occasionally, to help put back what we take out. Every year we rotate which fields are grazed, cut for silage or ploughed and sown with a new lay of grass. We have been fully organic since December 2007 as we do believe in maintaining a level of husbandry and stewardship of our land that we can be proud of, ensuring a positive legacy for our children.

We breed all our own replacements with a mixture of AI and our own bull, to ensure a good mix in the gene pool. In a good year we are also able to sell on any surplus heifers at the local markets. All of our animals are traceable from birth!