Our home-bred beef is a very important part of our overall farm business that we have been building up over several years. We keep a herd of about 20 steers – either Aberdeen Angus (black) or Charolais (fawn or white), as these are recognised to be the finest beef producing breeds.

Having grown up in a non-intensive environment, and fed on all natural feed, we believe that this is some of the best tasting beef you will ever have!

All our herd have been born on-site from traceable parents and we graze them during the summer and feed them on our own grass silage during the winter months. We keep them until about 29 months and then either sell them at market or keep a few back to supply our own beef sales.

We supply mixed bags of beef – fillet steak, sirloin steak, rump steak, topside and rib roasts, silversides, braising steak and mince – each bag weighing about 20kg and costing about £80. All the beef is wrapped and labeled ready for the freezer. Fortunately we don’t keep a stock so you will always get the freshest meat that we supply to meet existing orders.

Give us a call to find out when we will next have some beef available by filling in our contact form.